Board Evaluations

If you want your board evaluation to be a truly valuable exercise, reflecting your concerns and highlighting practical ways to improve, ask us for a proposal. We rise to the challenge of the complex and sensitive. Click below to explore our approach to evaluations, scoping an evaluation, and delivery of truly useful results.


Board CPD Calendar

Our CPD Programme of events comprises of workshops, training and coaching sessions delivered by our experts. The events are designed to address key issues, considering influential trends and more. See our latest events by clicking below.


Board Risk Oversight

Perhaps the most important aspect of the Board's responsibilities is to oversee the identification, measurement and control of risks. Click below to learn more about Behavioural and cultural risk, risk aware working and our Effective Audit and Risk Committee and Smarter Board Reporting courses.


Board Support

Our Board Development and Consultancy services have been developed over many years of face-to-face interactions with Boards across the financial services industry and focus on where you want to take your business next. Click below to explore the bespoke and results-driven services we can offer.

No matter what challenges you are facing, BP&E Global will focus on supporting your Board to achieve its goals delivering intelligent, insightful and tactful advice from a wealth of experience tackling a wide range of issues.


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