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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials on our Board Performance services

We can say what we like about our performance and ability to help improve client Board performance and effectiveness, whether that's through board evaluation, a governance review, one to one coaching or preparation for a regulatory review, however when our clients say something it's more meaningful.

Client Testimonials regarding BP&E Global and some of our key consultants

“I think all those who met you enjoyed the interviews, and felt that you were very good at drawing them out in a relaxed, but nonetheless searching way.  The end result, from my point of view, is both useful and practical.  You have drawn out some very important high level issues, as well as a number of practical down to earth steps to help us improve our processes.” Chairman, Investment firm   

“Your work was very thorough and detailed. You gained the respect of all the Board and you really listened to what they said!” Mike Urmston, Chairman, Phoenix Life  

“Thank you so much for your patience, flexibility and such an excellent job. We are appreciative of your solid approach to our RMP.” Company Secretary, Underwriting firm

"BP&EGlobal performed a thorough external evaluation of our Board in 2017, we found working with Judy to be highly rewarding as the evaluation was carried out to a very professional standard. The recommendations were insightful and very useful to our governance process, helping to stimulate the debate necessary to move the company forward “ 
Peter Dodd, Chair UIA Mutual Insurance Ltd

"Following a Board decision to undertake a Board Effectiveness Review we selected BP and E Global and in particular Lucy McClements. Lucy had impressed the Chairman of the Board and two of the Directors when we met with her on another matter. During this meeting she demonstrated her  deep knowledge of the regulatory landscape and her ability to translate "policy into practice". So we were off to a good start. Working closely with two executive sponsors from the bank Lucy quickly set about building  the plan, including key deliverables and milestones. Phase one of the work consisted of a desktop review which was conducted very effectively and efficiently. Very quickly Lucy built a picture of the bank, our key issues and "the way in which we do things". This was particularly noticeable as Lucy moved into phase two : 1-2-1  interviews. Whilst these were very structured, the line of questioning was tailored to our firm. Lucy did not hold back from asking challenging questions but in a way which brought the facts and any issues to the fore. Throughout  the Review Lucy kept all stakeholders fully informed. The Report was delivered on time and most definitely of high quality and accuracy. There was little by way of dispute with the findings overall, whilst Board Effectiveness Reviews can be regarded as a pretty generic process this was not the case for us. Why ? Lucy took time to understand our business model , our culture and our history before embarking on the Review. Having worked for a regulator and kept abreast with the current regulatory environment her advice and guidance was relevant, accurate and straightforward. I would have no question about employing Lucy for similar work in the future " INED Small Overseas Bank

"BP&E Global carried out professional board evaluations for several companies within our group, they were highly experienced and intuitive people who were adept at picking up on nuances of our Board’s operations.They pinpointed areas for improvement and provided this in a well-constructed and thought-provoking report. Our governance arrangements have improved as a result of BP&E Global’s effective work"  Company Secretary, one of the UK's largest pension trustees

“Definitely value for money. Many thanks to you and the team” Chairman, Lloyd’s Managing Agency  

“I must compliment you on the work you did as it was the first time I have seen some real commentary as opposed to a process mill” Board member, Insurance Broker   

“I have been a Chairman for many years for various businesses, including FTSE 250 boards. I wanted to update myself on current regulatory focus, what a good chairman and board should look like with good governance and update myself on CSR. Amazingly BP&E provided me with all these areas of expertise - thank you” Chairman, FTSE Investment Firm

“Thank you for your incredible support. Without your coaching I would never have got the promotion of my dreams - The Board is now only a step away” Director, FTSE Insurance PLC

"Judy and her colleagues at BP&E Global worked with me on a number of projects over the last few years in my desire to deliver outstanding governance that helps my company achieve its objectives.  From delivering bespoke training to staff at all levels, including the Board itself, deploying their specific Board Effectiveness Review services, or broader assistance in wider governance review work, I have found Judy and her colleagues to possess an excellent mix of skills and experience, and an ability to tailor their work to ensure my needs are met fully.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them" Director, Top 10 Lloyd's Managing Agent

"The review of Board Effectiveness conducted by BP&E Global was the first externally facilitated one we had undertaken. It was a thorough process and each stage successfully engaged the interest of all our directors, including those from abroad, who have different professional backgrounds. The exercise was well planned and the results delivered on schedule. I am pleased that the concise presentation of the findings generated a good debate and commitment to implementation of an agreed set of recommendations that will be beneficial to the way our Board operates in the future" Graham Doswell, Chairman, Covea Insurance PLC

“BP&E Global carried out a Board Effectiveness review for our holding company and two subsidiary boards, plus the related board committees. This is the first such external review we have undertaken and we were very pleased with the way the review was carried out and the clear and detailed action plan that was recommended as a result of the review. Judy and her team were experienced professionals with a particular strength with regulated entities, which was of particular relevance with our two subsidiaries. She approached the review in a collaborative and pragmatic way showing great sensitivity in dealing with any challenges on the way. Personally, I found her very easy to work with and, importantly, she set out clear deliverables and deadlines and always stuck to them. I would not hesitate to recommend Judy or her firm to other companies” Babloo Ramamurthy, Independent Chairman of the B&CE Group (The People's Pension)

"BP&E Global conducted a full external effectiveness review for the Board of the Pension Protection Fund. Their work was intelligent, thorough, insightful and useful. They brought a different perspective to the Board evaluation than I have previously experienced with other external providers. Not only did they provide a full analysis of the Board and its processes, but also useful insights into behaviour and attitudes enabling us to further develop our effectiveness. I am pleased to recommend BP&E's evaluations of Boards of Directors to all Chairmen or Chief Executives who would like to enable their Boards to become even more effective” Chairman, Pension Protection Fund

“The Financial Ombudsman Service commissions an outside review of its Board’s effectiveness every three years. For 2014 we selected BP&E Global, through a competitive tender process. They proved an excellent choice. They combined rigour and thoroughness with informality, valuably getting members of the Board and the Executive to relax both in meetings which she observed and in one-to-one interviews. They also established a positive relationship with the Chairman and Chief Executive of the Financial Conduct Authority, who oversee our Service and took an interest in the review; this was particularly helpful in concentrating their minds on key issues of concern to them. They handled potentially sensitive issues with tact and diplomacy, satisfying the regulator that they had been fully covered, but without inviting inappropriate intrusiveness.

The recommendations which were put to our Board, almost all of which we accepted, reflected a commonsense and empirical approach, drawing directly on observation of the Board and its committees and on the comments made in informal meetings, as well as on their wide experience of other organisations. They got the feel of the Service well, and there is no doubt in my mind that the recommendations will enable us to function more efficiently and effectively in the future. I would have no hesitation in recommending BP&E to a Board considering a similar review to ours”  
Sir Nicholas Montagu, KCB, Chairman of the Board, Financial Ombudsman Service

“We would highly recommend the services of BP&E who always provide an excellent standard of training to us and we value the advice they provide to us with continual professionalism. BP&E are a trusted partner of Starr’s in respect to the regulatory and Board initiatives they provide to us, and when working with BP&E we always receive positive feedback from our employees citing their delivery style and technical expertise. In particular, our Board Members and Senior Management who commend Jayne Owen’s invaluable experience and coaching style as highly beneficial for success in their roles. We look forward to our continued work and relationship with BP&E Global” Starr Group of Companies

“Judy Delaforce carried out an external review of the effectiveness of the ICAEW’s Audit Committee in December 2011. This was the first externally facilitated review of the Committee. The work involved a thorough examination of the workings of the committee and interviews with the key stakeholders and members. This was a substantial piece of work. Judy managed to complete the work within the very tight timetable set and delivered the conclusions in a prompt and timely manner to fit in with our reporting timetable. There is no doubt that this involved a considerable amount of effort by Judy in a very short period of time. Without exception we found Judy to be a thoroughly engaging individual with a keen eye for detail. She managed to identify several areas where we were already performing well whilst setting out a comprehensive range of recommendations as to how we could improve. Her final report was accepted without demur by the Committee and we have implemented her helpful recommendations in full. All in all she did an excellent job which was delivered on time, within budget, and which added considerable value to the workings of the Committee and the ICAEW. I would strongly recommend her work” Ian Cherry, Audit Committee Chairman, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

"BP&E Global has just carried out our first externally facilitated full evaluation. I would like to see an evaluation done every 6 months and focus more and more on real issues that will drive better corporate governance. The questioning was very extensive and I have a very clear picture of what is emerging for us to do as a Board" Non-Executive Chairman

"I am pleased to confirm that BP&E Global carried out a Board Effectiveness review for one of the companies in which I am involved as a Non Executive Chairman. I found the review of great value in identifying, documenting, and recommending areas for more effective utilisation and development of the Board. The exercise was carried out professionally, and we greatly appreciated the insights that an external perspective gave the company. I would strongly recommend their services for companies wishing a more effectively utilisation of their Directors" Chairman, FSA Regulated Managing Agent (Overseas Group)

“Judy many thanks for all your help so far, your patience and professionalism proved to be a great asset during our evaluation and in gaining Board buy-in to the recommended changes”
Company Secretary, FTSE 250 business

“Judy has a very thorough approach to Board evaluations due to her interesting background of industry, regulation and coaching. Her findings and conclusions are not always easy to hear if you’ve been kidding yourself everything is ok and normal, and the recommendations are therefore sometimes hard to swallow, but she gave us a clear path forward, was 100% right and we are gradually putting her recommendations into place. If you want a true review of your Board’s performance and to make a difference to your business and bottom-line rather than a tick-box evaluation, then Judy’s the right person for you” Compliance Director, Lloyd’s Managing Agent  

“Judy is very perceptive and uses her sound knowledge of financial services and regulation to provide an excellent Board evaluation service. Even in our first meeting Judy highlighted two areas for immediate improvement, which she didn’t know had just been picked up on our ARROW report received that day! I’d thoroughly recommend her for insightful evaluations” 
Company Secretary, Friendly Society

“I was very pleased with your review and facilitation; the engagement of the team, the debate, and us bringing out specific actions for improvement. Thanks again for the overall progress which I found to be very insightful and helpful. Very well done" Board Director, Leading Managing Agent

"Your work was very thorough and detailed. You gained the respect of all the Board and you really listened to what they said!" Mike Urmston, Chairman, Phoenix Life


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