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The Financial Services Sector has many organisations who work to support their sector of the industry, from educational bodies to lobbying and representation. 

Each sector has its own challenges and hot topics and BP&E Global works with organisations to deliver bespoke talks, workshops and services to their members. We bring our commercial understanding of the sector and knowledge of regulatory and legal requirements to bear in a practical way alongside the latest thinking on governance issues.

Industry Associations we work for include:

Many of our team have been regulators themselves and we ensure we keep up-to-date with regulatory and governance developments, speaking regularly at conferences on board performance matters and writing articles for publication by ICSA, , Thomson Reuters and more.

Our work with Industry Associations is led by Judy Delaforce, Chief Executive of BP&E Global. With over 20 years at various City institutions, including Barclays and Fidelity Investments, as well as regulators, Judy has worked extensively at Board and senior management level with a wide range of organisations in the financial services industry.


To find out more about our work with specific industry associations visit our

Association of Foreign BanksAssociation of Financial MutualsChartered Insurance Institute

 You can also email or call us on +44 (0) 20 7764 0721  

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