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My highly productive coaching with BP&E provided the clarity for me to define the path for the development of my new business goal and the areas I need to focus on, even though it was feeling that BP&E recognised my potential and gave me their full support and was passionate about wanting me achieve my goal that made the real difference. This is what really inspired me, just like any coach really believing in their star player to get out there and Win!
Earl Talbot, Director The team
BP&E possess a rare and varied skill set that has allowed us to make use of their extensive experience of the financial services industry and regulation. What has been particularly special about their input is that they have been able to take the business forward from this point by coaching us effectively. We have continued to use them as their help and advice have been invaluable. We recommend BP&E without reservation for any financial services business that wants someone who truly understands the industry, the regulators, and people.
Mathew Edmett, FD, Jarvis Investment Management PLC
I was on the verge of letting a key exec and Board member depart due to what I saw as insurmountable problems in delegation, delivery, time management, planning and relationship skills. BP&E set very clear coaching goals agreed by myself and the Board member and within six sessions had made an incredible difference due to her complete understanding of our industry, environment and people. We’ve now hired them on an ongoing basis as their input is so valuable!
MD, Investment Banking firm
BP&E helped me enormously in improving my communication skills. I was particularly impressed by the range of practical techniques provided in this respect. After six two-hour coaching sessions spread over six months (and lots of homework in between!) BP&E helped me achieve the persuasion and confidence levels I was looking for. Anyone looking for similar coaching, especially in financial services, should engage BP&E immediately.
Charles Henderson, former International COO, Invesco Perpetual
I was promoted to CEO and took it upon myself to have my own executive coach and mentor. I chose Judy from BP&E as my coach because of how she impressed me with her insightfulness when interviewing me for our Board evaluation a while ago. She was a superb choice and has always given me the right support and advice across a very unusual first year as CEO. Thank you.
CEO Managing Agency
What had seemed an insurmountable problem for my first AGM suddenly became an incredible asset through BP&E’s skilled and elegant coaching. I’m now trying to think of any other problems I might possibly have just so I can have the benefit of more coaching for myself and my Board!
MD of UK Insurance PLC
I wanted support for my first Chairmanship and asked for a coach. What I got was someone who not only understands human behaviour and how to bring out the best in others and oneself, but an expert on what a good board should look like. BP&E is invaluable to me.
Chairman, Lloyd’s Managing Agent
I just wanted to personally thank you and team for taking us a long way forward. I suspect the Group C Suite will never fully appreciate the catalytic role you played in bringing the UK entities into better Governance Compliance.
Chairman, Insurance Company
Thank you for your incredible support. Without your coaching I would never have got the promotion of my dreams. The Board is now only a step away…
Edward, Director, FTSE Insurance PLC
I must compliment you on the work you did as it was the first time I have seen some real commentary as opposed to a process mill.
NED Board member, Insurance Broker, and FTSE 100 Investment firm

Board Performance Services

On behalf of the Board of Governors of Sheffield Hallam University, I am writing to thank you for the totally professional and very thorough way in which BP&E Global conducted the Board Effectiveness Review. As I hope you could tell, in the session when you presented your findings, Governors were extremely positive about the review, and have adopted all your recommendations. The Board felt engaged throughout the process, and members were most impressed with both your sensitive handling of some quite difficult issues that emerged during the course of the review, and the astuteness you brought to teasing out the big issues and not allowing us to become too bogged down in procedural detail. I am sure that the University will see the benefit once BP&E Global’s recommendations are implemented. The fact that a working party will be convened by the Vice Chancellor to draw up an action plan for the Board is in itself a measure of the confidence we have in the review findings. I know that at times, the process was particularly challenging and lengthier than we initially anticipated, and I want to say a personal thank you for the balanced way in which you coped with the unexpected. It was a pleasure working with you. I do hope that our paths cross again in future.”
Professor Judy Simons, Deputy Chair, Board of Governors, Sheffield Hallam University
Judy Delaforce of BP&E Global carried out a Board Effectiveness review for our holding company and two subsidiary boards, plus the related board committees. This is the first such external review we have undertaken and we were very pleased with the way the review was carried out and the clear and detailed action plan that was recommended as a result of the review. Judy is a very experienced professional with a particular strength with regulated entities, which was of particular relevance with our two subsidiaries. She approached the review in a collaborative and pragmatic way showing great sensitivity in dealing with any challenges on the way. Personally, I found her very easy to work with and, importantly, she set out clear deliverables and deadlines and always stuck to them. I would not hesitate to recommend Judy or her firm to other companies.
Babloo Ramamurthy, Independent Chairman of the B&CE Group (The People’s Pension)
BP&E has a very thorough approach to Board evaluations due to her interesting background of industry, regulation and coaching. Their findings and conclusions are not always easy to hear if you’ve been kidding yourself everything is ok and normal, and the recommendations are therefore sometimes hard to swallow, but they gave us a clear path forward, were 100% right and we are gradually putting their recommendations into place. If you want a true review of your Board’s performance and to make a difference to your business and bottom-line rather than a tick-box evaluation, then BP&E is the organisation for you.
Compliance Director, Lloyd’s Managing Agent
The review of Board Effectiveness conducted by BP&E Global was the first externally facilitated one we had undertaken. It was a thorough process and each stage successfully engaged the interest of all our directors, including those from abroad, who have different professional backgrounds. The exercise was well planned and the results delivered on schedule. I am pleased that the concise presentation of the findings generated a good debate and commitment to implementation of an agreed set of recommendations that will be beneficial to the way our Board operates in the future
Graham Doswell, Chairman, Covea Insurance plc
I am pleased to confirm that BP&E Global carried out a Board Effectiveness review for one of the companies in which I am involved as a Non Executive Chairman. I found the review of great value in identifying, documenting, and recommending areas for more effective utilisation and development of the Board. The exercise was carried out professionally, and we greatly appreciated the insights that an external perspective gave the company. I would strongly recommend their services for companies wishing a more effectively utilisation of their Directors
Chairman, Managing Agent (Overseas Group)
BP&E Global carried out professional board evaluations for several companies within our group, they were highly experienced and intuitive people who were adept at picking up on nuances of our Board’s operations. They pinpointed areas for improvement and provided this in a well-constructed and thought-provoking report. Our governance arrangements have improved as a result of BP&E Global’s effective work
Company Secretary, top 5 UK pension trustees
BP&E Global has just carried out our first externally facilitated full evaluation. I would like to see an evaluation done every 6 months and focus more and more on real issues that will drive better corporate governance. The questioning was very extensive and I have a very clear picture of what is emerging for us to do as a Board.
Non-Executive Chairman
BP&E performed a thorough external evaluation of our Board in 2017, we found working with them to be highly rewarding as the evaluation was carried out to a very professional standard. The recommendations were insightful and very useful to our governance process, helping to stimulate the debate necessary to move the company forward.
Peter Dodd, Chair UIA Mutual Insurance Ltd
I have been a Chairman for many years for various businesses, including FTSE 250 boards. I wanted to update myself on current regulatory focus, what a good chairman and board should look like with good governance and update myself on CSR. Amazingly BP&E provided me with all these areas of expertise. Thank you.
Chairman, FTSE Investment firm
I just wanted to personally thank you and team for taking us a long way forward. I suspect the Group C Suite will never fully appreciate the catalytic role you played in bringing the UK entities into better Governance Compliance.
Chairman, Insurance Company
I was very pleased with your review and facilitation; the engagement of the team, the debate, and us bringing out specific actions for improvement. Thanks again for the overall progress which I found to be very insightful and helpful. Very well done.
Board Director, Leading Managing Agent
The Board engaged BP&E to conduct a Board Effectiveness Review just as the COVID 19 pandemic hit the UK. We decided to go ahead with the review despite the challenges lockdown presented. With hindsight this was a good decision because we were under scrutiny at a time of significant change and complexity. The process of a questionnaire, one to one interviews, examination of papers and observations of virtual Board and committee meetings worked well. As did the scope of the review which included leadership and culture. The process and scope enabled a rounded picture to emerge with areas for action. Whilst none of the key actions came as a complete surprise, it has been extremely useful to have an independent and evidence based review which has identified the extent of some issues and made viable suggestions on a way forward. As Chair I found it particularly useful to explore in interview and conversation with Judy, the lead from BP&E Global, various aspects of Board effectiveness and to consider matters from different perspectives. We are now in the process of implementing recommendations which I'm confident will further improve our effectiveness as a Board and therefore a business.
Joanna Young, Chair, Metropolitan Police Friendly Society [completely virtual BER
Having received tenders from several professional services firms, BP&E were appointed as our externally facilitated Board Effectiveness Review provider. Judy and her team are incredibly professional yet approachable and the Review was well structured. Despite our rather tight deadline, time was taken to get to know our company and it was reassuring that a one-size-fits all approach was not adopted making the Review a particularly useful exercise. Judy presented a balanced report recognising our strengths but also provided practical and perceptive opportunities for improvement that we readily accepted
Company Secretary, General Insurer Spring 2020
Many thanks for your Board Effectiveness Review. I am optimistic that it will be a good catalyst for change. Your report is in my view an excellent working tool for us and much appreciated
Company Secretary, Building Society
Your patience and professionalism proved to be a great asset during our evaluation and in gaining Board buy-in to the recommended changes
Company Secretary, FTSE 250 business
Your work was very thorough and detailed. You gained the respect of all the Board and you really listened to what they said!
Mike Urmston, Chairman, Phoenix Life

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