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"the PRA proposes to adopt rules requiring all persons within its Senior Managers and Certification Regimes to have appropriate qualifications, training, competence and personal characteristics to perform
their particular functions."

PRA Consultation paper 14/14 July 2014

"The course provided me with a succinct and clear understanding of the responsibilities and duties of being a company director. The course will be very helpful to anyone who is thinking of becoming a company director and a useful reminder and an up date to anyone who is already a company director. The Trainer was knowledgeable, interesting and who's humour kept everyone involved the whole time." Alan Milsom, Non-Executive Director

2018 Board CPD Brochure


Given the significant changes in regulation and corporate governance, Board Briefings provide valuable Board CPD and continuing education programs are important components of board effectiveness. These programmes can help directors keep up to date and develop the knowledge needed to discharge their responsibilities effectively. We work with firms to create a bespoke programme held at times to suit them.

We increasingly find that boards have an appetite to:

  • Identify the competencies that board members require
  • Analyse where each board member sits against those standards
  • Introduce a programme of workshops, training and coaching sessions.

Clients have said that although boards do receive comprehensive briefings from internal experts the perspective from an external facilitator through Board CPD briefings provides useful market intelligence, more debate of the topic and, importantly, challenge, which is easier for someone outside the organisation to make. 

We have designed a number of events covering topics that the regulators have stated that they expect Board members to understand  - sometimes known as board competencies.  In addition the focus is on subjects that are on the regulatory visit agenda. They are highly interactive, allow for debate and are led by experienced people. In house board briefings for individuals or groups can be held at your convenience, we also ensure they are tailored to your sector, size and the maturity of the business.  

Popular topics for Board CPD

Better Board Evaluations – There is an increasing expectation that Boards will review their performance formally and engage external specialists to do this, Whichever route your Board chooses it is important to obtain useful results that, when implemented, will improve effectiveness. This briefing will provide an assessment of the relative benefits and pitfalls of different approaches and provide tools that will help your evaluation to be worthwhile.

The Effective Audit Committee – The key Board committee and one of intense regulatory focus, but how do you know that your committee is reviewing the right areas of the business, has the right inputs and best outputs for the Board to be able to discharge its duties?

The Effective Risk Committee - Managing risk is a core element of running the business and this event will ensure that your committee is properly established and ensure it adds value to the firm's risk framework, rather than simply becoming another 'talking shop'.

The Effective Remuneration Committee - The Remuneration Committee is responsible for the behaviours and outcomes caused by rewards which both influences and reflects the culture of the firm. This event brings those involved in Remuneration up to date and aware of regulatory expectations. 

Responsibilities of Senior Managers under the PRA and FCA regimes - This timely 2 hour briefing will bring you up to date on current and new regimes and  how the “Prescribed Responsibilities” are applied in practice. 

Creating Effective Governance Structures – What committees and who should they report to? How many is too many? Should we combine boards? Just some of the questions frequently posed by Directors. This briefing provides answers with practical examples to help you make the right choices for your business. 

Improving Board Reporting and MI – One of the most difficult areas to get right and often raised as an area for improvement in board evaluations. Increasingly an area of focus for regulators. This briefing will enable you to focus on the right level of information and how it can best be presented. It also addresses how to ensure that the range of information is complete.  

The Role of the Board in Creating and Leading Culture – The public, shareholders and regulators all comment on this topic. The responsibility for the culture your company and how it manifests itself in the whole organisation is firmly in the remit of the Board. This briefing provides a foundation for discussing this elusive topic as a group, explores how culture comes alive and how to sustain and evidence your culture. 

The Role of the Board in Defining and Implementing Strategy – Risk is high on the agenda for most boards and has links to your strategy and capital management. As a board member you need to understand the overseeing of and be able to challenge a wide range of risks, including those externally driven. 

Creating Board Competency Frameworks – For identifying successors, recruiting new Directors and appraising Board members it is essential to understand the skills, experience and knowledge you are looking for. This briefing will enable you to create a useful framework and assess any gaps in your current structure. 

Managing Unconscious Bias in the Boardroom – Understand how Unconscious Bias affects all people decisions, including Board effectiveness and the Nomination process. Explore the common pitfalls and how to avoid them in this fascinating briefing

Financial Crime Overview - Financial crime – in all its manifestations - remains high on the regulatory and legal agenda, with the expectation that it will be on the Board agenda. As with everything, whatever the culture and tone in your firm, it starts at the top.

Conflicts of Interest - recognising and managing conflicts at Board level– High on the agenda for most boards. As a board member you need to identify potential conflicts of interest inherent in your business model, oversee the conflicts of interest management process and be prepared to challenge the status quo.

Developing & Evidencing Robust Strategies - The Board is responsible for developing and overseeing the strategy of a business. This practical event, lead by an expert, identifies the key elements of successful strategies and the common pitfalls.  

Preparing for  a PRA/FCA Regulatory Visit or Interview – Times have changed and so has the regulators approach. Bring the board up to date with new approaches and areas of focus and how best to be ready for the questions Directors will be asked. Individual coaching for Directors, simulating the interview with the regulator, can be arranged and is well received. Content focusses on the PRA or FCA.

For more details contact Judy Delaforce at to discuss the requirements of your Board and any in-house board briefing programmes.

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