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Boards, the people and the governance structures change constantly to adjust to changes in market conditions, ownership, new ventures and new people. The governance structures, range of competencies on the Board and how you delegate powers need to move with the firm to ensure that nothing slips through the net and the controls remain effective.   

With a team of experienced specialist consultants, many of whom were regulators themselves, we are frequently asked to support a review of governance structures. Topics that we are often asked to cover include:  

  • Creating governance maps
  • Updating "Board Control manuals"
  • Reviewing the mix of competencies amongst the Directors and Non-Executive Director
  • Acting as an independent member of recruitment panels
  • Auditing the relevance and comprehensiveness of control frameworks  

In 2015, the PRA stated that firms needed to create a "Governance Map" that shows clearly how power and responsibility is delegated in a business;

"Firms will have to maintain a ‘Governance Map’ showing the responsibilities of senior managers, and lines of accountability, within the firm and any associated group." 
 -      PRA August 2015

BP&E Global can support your Board with aligning your Governance structures to your business needs. We ensure that the structure is proportionate to the size and type of organisation and can cater for matrix management, new initiatives and changing business models. In our experience every assignment has its own challenges and no organisation is the same.

We work closely with the Chair or Company Secretary to set out and agree a clear plan of action, communicate clearly and set clear goals to ensure you have the right structure and governance in place. 

You can also explore our recommendations for meeting other PRA and FCA regulations by visiting our articles page

Contact to discuss Governance structures and how we can support you with a ‘Governance Map’ and more.

Alternatively, you can view other Board Development and Consultancy services or upcoming CPD events. You can also call us on +44 (0) 20 7764 0721 for more information.  


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