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With the more recent focus on Directors in the financial services sector, BP&E Global have increased the Board CPD training on offer to firms in the financial services sector. The carefully considered programme facilitates the PRA and FCA require that firms certify the competence of individuals. 

We increasingly find that boards have an appetite to:

  • Identify the competencies that board members require
  • Analyse where each board member sits against those standards
  • Introduce a programme of workshops, training and coaching sessions

Unlike internal experts, having an external facilitator lends perspective through Board briefings, adds clarity, valuable market intelligence and can challenge practices that may not be adding value to the Board.   

BP&E Global places the focus on encouraging debate, providing comparative examples for reference and using workshops where appropriate. Our experienced specialist consultants completely understand the Board environment, regulatory standards and can communicate this seamlessly into your business and Board dynamic. 

I just wanted to personally thank you and team for taking us a long way forward. I suspect the Group C Suite will never fully appreciate the catalytic role you played in bringing the UK entities into better Governance Compliance
Chairman, Insurance Company
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