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The performance of the Board and the way the Board moves forward are essential to the overall performance of an organisation. Personalities within a Board and the dynamics between members can have a huge impact on Board development. 

BP&E Global provides Board development which has been developed over many years of face-to-face interactions with Boards across the financial services industry.

Our people have extensive knowledge of behavioural and attitudinal practices and can share insight and tactics to improve the interactions between Board members as well as develop the skills of Directors to make your Board even more effective.

Our services typically fall into three main areas:

  • Open, online, and in-house workshops and briefings with the Board 
  • Developing the skills of groups who want to work better together
  • Coaching individuals to deal with specific issues

We also develop boards through New Director Development, Governance Review and Executive Coaching.

Judy brought a different perspective to the Board evaluation than I have previously experienced with other external providers. Not only did she provide a full analysis of the Board and its processes, but also useful insights into behaviours and attitudes enabling us to further develop our effectiveness.
Chairman, Pension Protection Fund

If you or your Board are looking to improve communication, effectiveness and improve the impact on your business, call us on +44 (0) 20 7764 0721 to see how we can help.  

BP&E Global – Board performance matters 

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