Culture And Ethics

Regulators provide an ethical framework underpinned by the core values of firms. They expect firms to be:

  • Open, honest, responsive and accountable
  • Committed to acting competently, responsibly and reliably
  • Relating to colleagues and customers fairly and with respect

Culture is driven by the Board. When focusing on this area, BP&E Global and our team of experienced specialist consultants immerse ourselves in your organisation to help you uncover and articulate what your culture is and where sub cultures exist.  

Once an understanding is established, the Board needs to recognise and demonstrate that culture in all it says and does.

It is not just firms that are challenged by this topic.

"Following the 2008 financial crisis there was a familiar attempt to increase regulators powers in order to protect a similar crisis happening again. This was enacted through changes to the structure and objectives of regulators and the powers given to them. To ensure these changes are not just symbolic, they needed to be translated into more sustained changes to the culture of FCA, PRA and Bank of England." 

 -       Research Paper Cultural change in the FCA, PRA & Bank of England - Practising what they preach? 

Click here to find out more about our culture briefing event. You can also visit our Board Committees and Leading the Board pages to find out how we support Boards going through internal changes. 

Culture is the most important glue in the organisation, very important to reinforce a good culture, BP&E Global very well informed
INED, Arch Insurance Europe

If you want to conduct a culture audit, or would like to review your ethics policy or explore ways to engage the Board and senior management in owning and demonstrating the way you want your business to behave, contact to discuss your requirements. You can also call us on +44 (0) 20 7764 0721 

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