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"BP&E Global carried out professional board evaluations for several companies within our group, they were highly experienced and intuitive people who were adept at picking up on nuances of our Board’s operations. They pinpointed areas for improvement and provided this in a well-constructed and thought-provoking report.  Our governance arrangements have improved as a result of BP&E Global’s effective work"  

  -         Company Secretary, top 5 UK pension trustees

An external board review from BP&E Global is thorough and insightful. We approach the evaluation process with productivity in mind, our output is streamlined as well as individually tailored to suit the needs and budget of each client.  

We immerse ourselves in your organisation offering tangible recommendations that can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your board, and ultimately your bottom line. We are interested in where your business is going, teamed with a tailor-made approach, we deliver a truly bespoke and actionable review.  

When working on a Board evaluation, we look to establish the current status of the Board’s activity as well as the strengths and challenges of its individual members. Areas for development and objectives that are aligned with the firm's direction of travel will then be highlighted throughout. A proactive approach is one we encourage throughout the process.  

The areas covered establish a strong foundation for a sustained programme of measurable change linked to ROI, which is assessed over successive periods.

You can also read our, Improving Board Performance case study or find out more about our approach to evaluations.
I was very pleased with your review and facilitation; the engagement of the team, the debate, and us bringing out specific actions for improvement. Thanks again for the overall progress which I found to be very insightful and helpful. Very well done!
Board Director, Leading Managing Agent
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