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The approach that BP&E Global takes when conducting a Board review is highly bespoke to each client, but is delivered in the form of a results-driven review. Our strong regulatory background, teamed with our vast experience of working with Boards, puts us in a unique and informed position to help other Boards achieve their goals. 

Our experienced specialist consultants can tackle common issues, as well as more delicate ones that may be concerning you. We are known in the industry for our ability to handle these issues, whether governance, strategic or behavioural, in a constructive way, delivering actions and recommendations for how to address them. We will be there to support and advise, sharing our experience and knowledge to help you take your Board, and your business forward. 

The process will begin with initial research and questions from us in order to create a proposal. We will then agree objectives and particular areas to focus on within the review.

Particular areas could include:

  • The effectiveness of the Board (group performance, committees and relationships with stakeholders)
  • The role of the Chair
  • How the Board spends its time
  • Strategy and performance objectives
  • Decision making and suitable challenge on issues
  • The role, responsibilities, suitability and contributions of
  • Board members Board member support and on-going development
  • Board composition and diversity
  • Information flows and presentations, including reporting to shareholders and stakeholders

The Board Review then typically follows a three phase process. This process includes:

  1. Analysis (previous reviews, Board documentation, composition, controls, questionnaires, etc.)
  2. Observation (Board, Committees and Individual Interviews)
  3. Report (draft and Final report providing our findings, conclusions and recommendations)
The Board engaged BP&E to conduct a Board Effectiveness Review just as the COVID 19 pandemic hit the UK. We decided to go ahead with the review despite the challenges lockdown presented. With hindsight this was a good decision because we were under scrutiny at a time of significant change and complexity. The process of a questionnaire, one to one interviews, examination of papers and observations of virtual Board and committee meetings worked well. As did the scope of the review which included leadership and culture. The process and scope enabled a rounded picture to emerge with areas for act
Joanna Young, Chair, Metropolitan Police Friendly Society [completely virtual BER]
Our Board evaluations can be carried out in person or completely virtually. . An evaluation, can be a self-managed Board questionnaire,click here to explore this option.

Call us on +44 (0) 20 7764 0721 for a discussion – and see how our insight will make your Board more effective.   

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