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When formulating your Board's questionnaire consider:
  • What are you hoping to achieve through the questionnaires?
  • Are there any Board challenges?
  • Have the Board become a little 'self-congratulatory'?
  • Will the Board respond as openly if the questions are designed and facilitated internally?
  • Would a new questionnaire externally-facilitated work well for your next supervisory visit?
  • Would some new angles for questions be useful?
  • Would an automated or partially externally facilitated questionnaire save you time?

An evaluation, at its simplest, can be a self-managed Board questionnaire. On line or paper based matters less than the questions if you want to achieve anything useful​.

First of all consider the scope - could you concentrate this year on one or two areas or on something that has changed and you want to know if its working well in practise?

Secondly, the questions. Make them open, gain as much comment as possible, test it first to make sure you are clear and understood. 

Thirdly anticipate potential responses and consider if you are likely to get usable data to act upon. If not, re-formulate your questions. 

If you have decided to provide evaluation questionnaires to Board Members annually and have perhaps used the same questionnaire for a number of years. Has it now become a simple 'tick-box' exercise where nobody really thinks deeply about the questions and nobody is challenged on their responses?​

We have developed an online questionnaire specifically for PRA and FCA regulated firms, which is used in externally-facilitated reviews. This can be purchased as part of a full evaluation service or is available as a standalone Online Questionnaire service.

Please contact us now and ask for Judy Delaforce, to discuss the best option for your business and order our online Board Effectiveness Questionnaire service.

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