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Chairman's Private Briefings

Chairman's Private Briefings Brochure


BP&E Global is pleased to offer a programme of essential topics designed for private briefings for Chairmen and facilitated by experienced people who are experts in their subject. 

Supporting Chairmen

Through our short and concentrated sessions, Chairmen can debate the issues that impact their own board as well as:-

  • Enhance skills and knowledge
  • Keep up to date on key topics
  • Oversee the business more effectively from an informed perspective
  • Evidence to all stakeholders that the Chairman takes the maintenance of Board competence seriously

Chairman’s Private Briefing Topics

The menu of briefings below has been derived from those subjects most frequently requested by Chairmen and CEOs for private briefings. They are designed to deliver informative, intelligent and interactive events on important topics. Running for 2 hours for each briefing and led by experts, these briefings will bring Chairmen right up to date on developments and assist them in taking the Board forward in directions of particular interest.

Specific briefings can also be tailored to individual requirements.

A two hour private session can be run on an individual subject or several topics can be covered at high level in a single briefing. Subjects include:

Legal and Regulatory Responsibilities of Chairmen – With scrutiny of Boards at an all time high, this briefing is a timely reminder for Chairmen of their responsibilities under Company Law. Ideal for new Chairmen or those wanting a refresher following changes to the regulators approach. Make sure you can evidence Fitness and Propriety and continue to do so.

Leading a Board – The subtleties of becoming a more effective Chairman or getting it right first time can often be a matter of chance or good guess work, when a briefing timed right can ease the process. Building the relationship with regulators is also key for the Chairman and sets the tone for the organisation.

The Role of the Board in Creating and Leading Culture – The public, shareholders and regulators all comment on this topic. The responsibility for the culture your company and how it manifests itself in the whole organisation is firmly in the remit of the Board. This briefing provides a foundation for discussing this elusive topic as a group, explores how culture comes alive and how to sustain and evidence your culture.

Creating Effective Governance Structures - What committees and who should they report to? How many is too many? Should we combine boards? Just some of the questions frequently posed by Directors. This briefing provides answers with practical examples to help you make the right choices for your business. 

Better Board Evaluations - Effective Board evaluations can add value to the company and improve performance. How a Chairman leads an evaluation is crucial to its success. This briefing provides insights into the wide variety of approaches taken, what works and what often doesn't to enable you to make an informed decision.

Improving Board Reporting and MI – The most controversial topic raised by Board members in any Board review. A unique session that provides the Chairman with tools to recognise what they want, need to see and how best to achieve a better board pack.

Changing Boardrooms – This session can include changing behaviours, dynamics, processes of the Board. How unhelpful behaviours, dynamics and processes can become accepted as normal and how to set about making your Board more effective.

A recent bespoke session for a Chairman of a plc. included Legal and Regulatory Responsibilities, Good Governance, Board Composition, Board Reporting and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Your Consultants

The Chairman’s Briefings are led by BP&E Global Managing Director, Judy Delaforce, and supported by other technical experts, where appropriate. Full Biography here.

If you have a topic in mind for your private briefing which is not featured here, or would like one of the briefings run in-house for your whole Board, do contact us.
To find out more and book please call us on +44 (0) 20 7764 0721 or email

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