Association of Foreign Banks

BP&E Global works extensively with the Boards of Foreign Banks in London. In addition to Board Evaluations and Coaching, our team of experienced specialist consultants work with several industry bodies, institutes and associations and provide:

  • Bespoke events tailored to address the sectors main concerns
  • Expert speakers on governance, board evaluations and senior management requirements
  • Webinar presentation to reach the whole membership
  • Articles covering topical areas of interest to Directors and Non-Executive Directors in the sector

In our experience, challenges for Boards in this sector often include understanding how UK regulation affects them and what regulators are looking for when they ask questions, whilst also balancing the need to adopt group wide standards with local demands. In addition, there are challenges with tensions between a parent company and the regulatory demands for independent local Boards.

Many of our team have been regulators themselves and we ensure we keep up-to-date with regulatory and governance developments, speaking regularly at conferences on board performance matters and writing articles for publication by ICSA, , Thomson Reuters and more. We address both the policy and people aspects of Board effectiveness and performance through a combination of:

  • Commercial understanding of the sector
  • Knowledge of regulatory and legal requirements and the latest thinking on governance issues
  • Development and coaching expertise to fully analyse the issues and address them
  • Independent support for Directors through the S166 proces

Our work with the Boards of Foreign Banks in London is led by Judy Delaforce, Chief Executive of BP&E Global, who has worked extensively at Board and senior management level with a wide range of organisations in the financial services industry, including foreign banks.

Banking clients include GE Capital, National Bank of Kuwait International, Gulf International Bank, Julius BAer and Bank of Ireland. Visit our clients page to see a full list.

We chose BP&E Global for our Board Evaluation. The Report was delivered on time and most definitely of high quality and accuracy. There was little by way of dispute with the findings. Overall, whilst Board Effectiveness Reviews can be regarded as a pretty generic process this was not the case for us. Why? the team took time to understand our business model, our culture and our history.
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