Why Choose Us

BP&E Global is a team of experienced specialist consultants who deliver bespoke and results-driven services to increase board effectiveness.

Our high-profile clients have stated that they chose to work with us because:

  • We are insightful and make a difference to their businesses and bottom-line
  • All our people have worked in the sector so understand the challenges of the business
  • We know the regulatory standards that apply. Many of our team have been regulators, so our recommendations will ensure you meet these requirements
  • We believe in the individuality of Boards and their firms and build our solutions to fit you and your goals
  • People are the key to great Boards so we tailor events for individuals and groups  
  • You can rely on our discretion and sensitivity - we have experience of a wide range of unusual situations.

Our Values

Interestingly, we find that we work with people who share our values not intentionally, it just happens. As we speak to colleagues and clients they have crystallised into the following guiding principles:

  • Commitment to our client’s interests
  • Making what we do worthwhile
  • Being passionate about what we do
  • Questioning the status quo
  • Searching for realistic and practical improvements

Our strategy

A Board drives the culture of a company, as well creating the priorities and values in the business. The quality of performance at Board level has never been so critical, so there is increasing demand to help Boards understand what makes them tick and uncover ways to make themselves more effective.

BP&E Global was created to focus on the senior managers and Directors who need different solutions delivered by people who understand the demands of the roles they fill and can help them to achieve their goals.

By presenting clients with the full range of services to improve Board performance and making sure that the next generation are ready for the challenge, we aim to become the recognised provider of services in this arena.

We do not do "Board work" as an adjunct to our main business; supporting Boards is our business.

You can also explore our website to find out more about our Board Evaluation or Board Development and Consultancy services. You can see upcoming events by visiting our Board CPD calendar page

I have been a Chairman for many years for various businesses, including FTSE 250 boards. I wanted to update myself on current regulatory focus, what a good chairman and board should look like with good governance and update myself on CSR. Amazingly BP&E provided me with all these areas of expertise. Thank you.
Chairman, FTSE Investment firm
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You can also email info@bpandeglobal.com or call us on +44 (0) 20 7764 0721 to discuss your specific challenges and requirements

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