Creating Board Competency Frameworks

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Location: Delivered as an interactive briefing
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Governance Frameworks have to demonstrate effective accountability both collectively and individually. To support them it is equally important that Board members can evidence competence to undertake those responsibilities. This is not new but it is clear from the work we do with clients that regulators are asking to see a robust governance framework supported by a mix of competencies and individual expertise within the Board and senior management team. The concerns arise from overlaps, gaps and obscure reporting lines in governance structures, and weak or non-existent competence standard for senior people.

As importantly, they are looking for robust succession plans that demonstrate both who will fill future gaps and how their competence is being developed to fill the new role they may be called upon to cover. This Board CPD event is designed to identify what the regulators are now looking for and how best to evidence that your governance structure actually works and is supported by people who have the right skills and knowledge.


1. Current corporate governance standards expected of regulated firms

  • The FRC, the law and regulation
  • Types of Director - Executive and Non-executive
  • The purpose of the Board and its committees
  • Culture

2. Common problem areas and how to overcome them

3. Building a balanced Board

  • The characteristics and competencies of a good Director
  • How many Directors is right for your Board?
  • Getting the balance between executive and non-executive members
  • Diversity

4. Achieving a balanced Board from where you are now

  • Demonstrating competence of Senior Managers
  • Succession planning

5. Collective and individual responsibilities

  • Individual responsibilities
  • The Governance Map

Key Benefits

  • Know what the regulator expects in these areas
  • Recognise the common pitfalls in governance frameworks and how to overcome them
  • Identify the ingredients of a balanced and competent Board
  • Know the core elements of competence for a Director
  • The importance of diversity of skills and perspective on the Board
  • Understanding how to balance executive, non-executive, and group non-executive representation
  • Explore the role of succession planning in delivering a pipeline of talent for the Board




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