Risk Management - Masterclass Full Day

Date: On a date of your choice
Location: Delivered as an interactive briefing
Event Code: MRM

Course Details

The world in which organisations do business is becoming more demanding. Products and services are increasingly provided online to an interconnected and global marketplace.  A global environment where stakeholders are raising standards for how businesses create value and conduct themselves and where the uncertainty of Brexit presents businesses with a challenging time. This creates a diverse risk landscape where risk can crystallise at pace.

Organisations need to be increasingly aware and responsive to emerging commercial opportunities and resilient to threats.  This requires strong, agile risk management capabilities, that go beyond risk process and puts risk at the centre of making decisions and creating value.  Capabilities that can provide a combined, balanced and forward looking perspective of all the principal risks that an organisation faces and the best options for responding.

This is a visual, practical and interactive 1-day Executive Masterclass.  The focus will be how to respond to new levels of uncertainty and how to develop your risk management capabilities so that risk establishes itself as a trusted contributor to decision-making, strategic delivery, performance and value creation.  As part of the event each delegate will receive an “Information Pack” containing case studies, examples, visuals and model templates for the topics under discussion.


  1. Update on Latest Regulatory Requirements, Emerging Best Practices and Standards Interactive Session: How to set a risk standard that is appropriate for your business 
  2. Performing and Using the Risk Management Diagnostic Presentation: Creating and using the diagnostic to benchmark your capabilities and establish priorities for investment in risk
  3. Sources of Risk and the Interaction with Strategy Interactive session: How the external environment creates sources of risk and interacts with strategy, business models and value drivers
  4. Establishing the Right Risk Culture – Organising for Success Presentation: Case studies based on risk challenges of the past and the present
  5. Creating and Delivering an Engaging Risk Management Strategy Presentation: How to create a risk strategy that engages the business and informs decision-making, strategic delivery and value creation
  6. Risk Appetite Interactive Session: How to set meaningful limits for risk-taking and integrate these into decision-making
  7. Building Insight into your Risk Landscape Presentation: Creating a comprehensive and balanced view of risks – techniques for enhancing decision-making, strategic delivery and competitive advantage
  8. Round Table - Hot Topics Interactive Session: Aligning remuneration, risk management and risk-taking across your business and other hot topics

Who should attend ?

Board members and senior management interested in commercial and practical ways to create a balanced view of risk across all parts of their organisation, drive better value for money from their investment in risk and enhance board decision-making and strategic delivery.

Key Benefits

  • Gain an understanding of the latest regulatory requirements, emerging best practices and minimum standards for risk
  • Learn how to perform your own risk management diagnostic to confirm how well you benchmark and identify risk priorities
  • Explore the sources of risk to your business and their interaction with your strategy, business model and value drivers
  • Explore how to set the right risk culture - organising yourself for success
  • Consider techniques for setting a risk management strategy that aligns strategic delivery, value drivers, decision-making and risk-taking
  • Consider techniques for setting risk appetite and selecting the right indicators to provide assurance that risk-taking occurs as intended
  • Gain an understanding on how to create a comprehensive and balanced view of all your risks - enhancing decision-making, strategic delivery and competitive advantage
  • Explore ways of aligning remuneration and risk management practices




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