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The topic of governance is always in the limelight when something goes wrong. Understanding of this topic is key for any Director and is at the heart of how a business makes decisions.

Regulators know that the wrong structure or failure to adhere to the one you have is the root cause of many enforcement cases, hence their focus on firms achieving an effective governance framework.

Perhaps more importantly, effective governance produces better results for all stakeholders. What are the inputs you need to manage to meet that goal and ensure your approach supports, rather than hampers, the Board?

This interactive workshop style event has been designed to focus on the key elements essential to achieving good governance with practical examples of how to overcome common challenges that arise.

Who should attend:

Directors and senior managers involved in decision making about the governance structure, its constituency and effectiveness.


1. Current Governance standards expected of regulated firms

  • The FRC, the law and regulation

2. Role and purpose of the Board and its committees

  • The Governance Map
  • The chain of delegation/accountability
  • Building clear structures and making them live

3. The challenges and common problem areas

  • Complex Group and internal structures
  • Committee overload
  • Corridor decision making

4. Essential elements of good governance

  • Terms of reference
  • Decision Making
  • Reporting
  • Matters reserved for the Board

5. Using Evaluations to good effect

  • Specifying the scope
  • Internal versus external
  • Ensuring the right fit for your business
  • Implementing changes


“We expect firms to have effective governance arrangements in place to identify the risks they run – with a strategy to manage and mitigate those risks to deliver appropriate outcomes to consumers and markets. While the way firms design their governance arrangements provides an infrastructure for how they are run, our focus is on the effectiveness of those structures.”  FCA Business Plan 2017/18

Key Benefits

  • Understand what good governance looks like from a regulatory perspective
  • Know the role and responsibilities of the Board and its committees
  • Ensure that your governance map encompasses all the required components 
  • Recognise common problem areas and how to tackle them
  • Explore how governance frameworks may be influenced by external and group parties that undermine its authority
  • Identify the essential elements of good governance frameworks
  • Consider how make the most of any external evaluation





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