The Board's Role in Setting and Monitoring Risk Appetite

Date: On a date of your choice
Location: Delivered as an interactive briefing
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Course Details

Directors rely on a defined risk appetite to provide their organisation with the tolerances and limits within which to manage their business.  Developing and embedding a risk appetite is just the start of the journey to building an agile, resilient and forward-looking business.  The bigger challenge is using risk appetite to guide and support Board decision-making and strategic delivery by identifying key opportunities as well as risks.  By recognising the Board’s responsibilities in this area, knowing what to look for, how to manage uncertainties and when to raise a red flag you can contribute to the success of your business.

This 2 hour executive briefing is designed to provide business leaders with a practical perspective on the importance of setting a meaningful risk appetite and utilising it to guide decision-making and strategic delivery.  The session will provide practical ways for setting your organisation’s risk appetite, how it can be applied to Board level decisions, and aid strategic delivery as part of an effective risk management strategy.

Who should attend:

Board members and business leaders who are accountable for: oversight of an organisation’s risk management arrangements, the setting and execution of risk strategy and risk assurance practitioners.


1. Setting the Right Risk Appetite

  • Regulatory requirements and standards
  • Commercial expectations and emerging best practices
  • The Risk Appetite Framework – setting the standard
  • Organising your business for success - risk appetite and your risk management strategy
  • Risk Appetite Statements – what good looks like in practice

2. Monitoring Risk Appetite and Risk-Taking

  • Using risk appetite to measure risk-taking
  • Choosing the right risk appetite indicators
  • Reporting, oversight and responding to results

3. Using Risk Appetite to Enhance Business Performance

  • The role of risk appetite in protecting your business and creating value
  • How to integrate risk appetite into your business strategy and decision-making
  • How to use risk appetite to enhance your business performance and strategic delivery
  • Connecting risk appetite and remuneration

Key Benefits

  • Recognise the importance of establishing a risk management standard that aligns risk maturity and effectiveness with your business values and strategy
  • Gain an understanding of how to set risk appetite for your organisation and what good looks like
  • Understand how risk appetite can improve your Board’s decision making       
  • Receive practical guidance on how to use risk appetite to build a competitive advantage 




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