Supporting INEDs to Engage with Strategy

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One of the most valuable assets INEDS bring to an organisation is their different backgrounds and experiences. Applying their skills, expertise and experience to your organisation creates a stronger and more robust strategy. And, as the quality of strategy rises up the agenda of regulating bodies ensuring you get the most from your INEDs is an effective way to meet their challenges.

Often, however, it can be frustrating both for the INEDS and the rest of the Board when the process does not make it easy for them to access this breadth of knowledge. The nature of their role means they have less engagement with the company, maybe meeting 6 to 8 times a year.  And they may not have in depth expertise in the specific areas of challenge arising. Finding the blocks on which they can add their experience can be hard.

Using practical examples, we will explore ways that you can focus and phase current interventions to better support your INEDS to fully engage with the strategy. 


1. The benefits and the challenge

  • What is strategy?
  • What INEDS bring to the strategy conversation
  • What are the barriers to their effective contribution?

2. A comprehensive approach to interventions

  • Onboarding
  • Deep dives
  • Business knowledge

3. Strategy Away Days

  • Example agendas
  • Exploring the options for engagement
  • Case Study – what ‘good’ looks like

4. Strategic Reviews

  • A format that supports high level review
  • Strategic conversations
  • Strategy and risk

“The board should be a place for robust debate where challenge, support, diversity of thought and teamwork are essential features.  Diversity of skills, background and personal strengths is an important driver of a board’s effectiveness, creating different perspectives among directors, and breaking down a tendency towards ‘group think’” FRC, Guidance on Board Effectiveness, July 2018  

Who should attend:

This briefing is intended for Company Secretaries, Chairs or CEOs who want to support their INEDs to deepen engagement and involvement in the strategy process. It is also suitable for INEDs to assist them in where to ask for more support.

Key Benefits

  • Appreciate the benefits INEDs can bring to your strategy process
  • Identify common barriers to them being able to apply their skills, expertise and experience
  • Consider onboarding needs of new INEDs
  • Understand how to shape interventions throughout the year to support your INEDs
  • Effectively run Strategy Days in a way that encourages debate and conversation across the Board
  • Obtain example formats that allow effective strategy monitoring

Your Consultant: David Cotton

David is passionate about personal and organisational development and has worked in more than 45 countries as trainer, facilitator, speaker and coach in business strategy, leadership development, soft skills and change management. His specialities are Business strategy, leadership and performance management, leadership training, behavioural change, advanced communication skills, negotiating skills, team building, change management, motivational speaker and executive coaching.

David is the author/co-author of 15 books including The Business Strategy Toolkit (2010) and has designed E learning packages and training resources. He spent 21 years with Arthur Andersen & Co and PwC before becoming an independent trainer in 2002. He is a Fellow of the Institute for Training and Occupational Learning, Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management, hypnotherapist/ hypnotherapy trainer under auspices of UK General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, Certified NLP practitioner, Accredited ILM and CMI trainer, and an Accredited DISC practitioner.




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