Leading Impactful Strategy Days

Date: On a date of your choice
Location: Delivered as an online interactive seminar
Event Code: LISD230921

Course Details

Your strategy days create an opportunity to have the most important conversations about your organisation’s future and gain collaborative ownership of your strategy. It is a chance to take the time to look at changing customer needs, explore risks and determine where the organisation wants to compete and how it will get there.    And, as the quality of strategy rises up the agenda of regulating bodies your strategy days are one of the best tools to meet their challenges.

To run effective strategy days requires a good level of planning. There are different skills, experiences and views to draw out.  The areas to explore are wide and varied.  It is too easy for these sessions to be interesting but not useful.Or to revert to “show and tell” sessions.

Using case studies and group discussions this workshop explores the key elements of creating Strategy Days that encourages great conversation and practical outcomes.

Who should attend:

This briefing is intended for Company Secretaries, Chairs or CEOs who want to support their board in becoming engaged and involved in the strategy process.


1. Where to focus your strategy day

  • What is strategy?
  • Board vs Executive Responsibilities
  • Your Board’s culture
  • Past pitfalls from real life

2. Effective preparation

  •  The different perspectives around the table
  • A common level of understanding
  • Setting the scene for the day
  • Designing the experience
  • Case Study - what ‘good’ looks like

3. Running a strategy day

  • Example agendas
  • Exploring the options for engagement
  • Case Study – what ‘good’ looks like

4. Practical follow up

  •  Monitoring progress against the strategy
  • The Boards values and culture
  • Strategy and Committee meeting agendas

Key Benefits

  • Identify what type of strategy days will work best for your Board
  • Appreciate the challenges and frustrations of the different Board members who have different contributions to make to the strategy debate
  • Understand how to shape interventions throughout the year to support your strategy days
  • Effectively run Strategy Days in a way that encourages debate leading to collaborative understanding and ownership
  • Obtain example formats that illustrate the agreed strategy in a way that allows high level monitoring
  • Gather practical tips to ensure the board continue to play a full role in the implementation of the strategy

Your Consultant: Anthony Garnett

Anthony Garnett is considered to be a true advocate of simplifying Business Strategy - and ensuring it can be cascaded through the Business. With a background heavily skewed towards new product development roles and marketing, his knowledge spans financial services and beyond helping to bring his subject matter to life. 

Versed with over 12 years in management consultancy (the latter with PwC) and 20 years in Financial Services (with the Bank of Scotland & MBNA) he draws from a rich source of experience. His leadership and management roles have been measured against the delivery of significant outsourcing and change management programmes. 

Anthony is a Fellow of Alliance Manchester Business School where he is a lead facilitator on their MBA Leadership & Business Strategy programme. Highly qualified in various psychometric profiling tools e.g. Insights D.I.S.C. and Total Strengths he also holds a Marketing degree and the International Market Research Diploma




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