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Executive Coaching is a perfect alternative for Directors with development needs. In our experience, both improved knowledge of key topics and changes in Board behaviours can be successfully addressed through this service.    

From newly promoted Chair’s and Non-Executive Directors to individuals underperforming at Executive level, coaching has provided the positive catalyst for change.  

BP&E Global has a team of experienced independent specialists, and Executive Coaches with a good understanding of the environment for Directors and the common problems they face. In addition, they will recognise the commercial pressures and regulatory standards you are expected to meet.

Our Executive Coaching process:

  • We will discuss with you what you want to achieve by undertaking this process
  • We will make a proposal with suggestions of one or more coaches who will have the requisite knowledge and track record of success.
  • You can have an initial meeting with to make sure you can work with them and they with you 
  • The first formal meeting will cement the goals and produce a plan and way of progressing that suits your timescales and other commitments. 
  • Putting learning into practice is the best way to progress with coaching and between coaching sessions your coach will agree the actions you will take to progress towards you goals
  • Normally sessions are scheduled monthly but this can be varied according to your needs
  • The number of coaching sessions is normally six but we will agree this with you dependent on the situation

A key characteristic of a successful coaching relationship is the chemistry between the coach and individual. The relationship can be very personal and it is important there is a connection that works, as well as mutual respect, understanding, and confidentiality. 

Our Coaches are screened based on the following criteria: 

  • Their mix of business and professional qualifications
  • Their understanding of the business environment
  • Their breadth and depth in their coaching experience who have coached individuals and teams in different situations.
  • A history of successful coaching relationships

If you are thinking of coaching to develop your individual performance please contact us at info@bpandeglobal.com

What had seemed an insurmountable problem for my first AGM suddenly became an incredible asset through BP&E’s skilled and elegant coaching. I’m now trying to think of any other problems I might possibly have just so I can have the benefit of more coaching for myself and my Board!
MD of UK Insurance PLC
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