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The role and qualities of a chair have come under considerable scrutiny in the past and analysis of many corporate failings identify the following root causes. Qualities of the Chair which include: 

  • Ensure the structure and use of the Board is effective
  • Set the Board agenda keeping operational issues to a minimum
  • Focus on strategy and keeping to strategic objectives
  • Be decisive, whilst being collegiate and encouraging appropriate challenge
  • Oversee the development of other Board members ensuring CPD
  • Develop and maintain a healthy contribution from all Board members
  • Bring knowledge and planning to the Nomination process
  • Ensure appropriate Board composition
  • Oversee Board pack contents and suitability raising standards
  • Maintain dialogue with key stakeholders

These skills often don’t come naturally to one individual. BP&E Global has therefore created a bespoke leadership development programme that can be tailored to the specific needs of the Chair to ensure they are able to perform at the peak of their abilities. 

We have helped individuals through coaching, mentoring and development programmes. No matter which route is best for you, our approach is always thorough and insightful. We approach the evaluation process with productivity in mind, our output is streamlined as well as individually tailored to suit the needs and budget of each client.

We address the needs of the Chair as an individual and the needs of the wider organisation, offering tangible recommendations that can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the Board and its leadership.

We also run Board Coaching sessions and Chair's Private Briefings that focus on different aspects of leadership.
It was a thorough process and each stage successfully engaged the interest of all our directors, including those from abroad, who have different professional backgrounds. The exercise was well planned and the results delivered on schedule. I am pleased that the concise presentation of the findings generated a good debate and commitment to implementation of an agreed set of recommendations that will be beneficial to the way our Board operates in the future.
Graham Doswell, Chairman, Covea Insurance plc
You can also click here to read our Challenging the Chair case study.

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