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People join Boards from all types of backgrounds and experience, from the specialist disciplines within the firm to the Non-Executives from a different industry entirely. The key to ensuring all Board members make a valuable contribution is to review their competence. This should be undertaken as part of the appointment process but is often missed, particularly when making an internal appointment. 

Competence comes from reviewing three principle areas:

  • What they know about the company and how it works
  • What they know about the market and the demands in that market 
  • The skills and behaviours they bring to the table 

When designing an induction programme, it is these three aspects you need to make sure are covered.

Our team of experienced specialists, many of whom have been regulators themselves, have used their extensive knowledge to design our Executive Briefing for Non-Executive Directors workshop which can be run for small groups or on a one-to-one coaching basis. The workshop provides the necessary foundation understanding of regulation combined with the risk environment of the market.

We also have our Board Ready Leadership Programme for executives who wish to expand their experience and further develop their skills. It is designed specifically to address those areas that executives feel hold them back from being a Board member or obtaining an Executive Director post.

We also provide coaching for Board members looking to develop their overall effectiveness, professional and personal development.

My highly productive coaching with BP&E provided the clarity for me to define the path for the development of my new business goal and the areas I need to focus on, even though it was feeling that BP&E recognised my potential and gave me their full support and was passionate about wanting me achieve my goal that made the real difference. This is what really inspired me, just like any coach really believing in their star player to get out there and Win!
Earl Talbot, Director

 All our services are highly tailored to your specific requirements. Email or call us on +44 (0) 20 7764 0721 to find out more.    

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