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 “I have been a Chairman for many years for various businesses, including FTSE 250 boards. I wanted to update myself on current regulatory focus, what a good chairman and board should look like with good governance and update myself on CSR. Amazingly BP&E provided me with all these areas of expertise. Thank you.” 

Chairman, FTSE Investment firm 

A Board can fail through poor leadership or it can excel beyond expectations. Since the financial crisis the role and qualities of a chairman have come under considerable scrutiny as many of the collapses at the time were for the following reasons:
  • The effectiveness of the Board (group performance, committees. relationships with stakeholders)
  • The role of Chairman
  • How the Board spends its time
  • Strategy and performance objectives
  • Decision making and suitable challenge on issues
  • Understanding of FRC and listed company requirements and concerns
  • The role, responsibilities, suitability and contributions of Board members
  • Board member support and on-going development
  • Board composition and diversity
  • Information flows and presentations, including reporting to shareholders and stakeholders

All of the above can be significantly influenced, or controlled by a chairman. A good chairman will be able to:

  • Ensure the structure and use of the Board is effective
  • Set the Board agenda keeping operational issues to a minimum
  • Focus on strategy and keeping to strategic objectives
  • Be decisive, whilst being collegiate and encouraging appropriate challenge
  • Oversee the development of other Board members ensuring CPD
  • Develop and maintain healthy contribution from all Board members
  • Bring knowledge and planning to the Nomination process
  • Ensure appropriate Board composition
  • Oversee Board pack contents and suitability raising standards
  • Maintain dialogue with key stakeholders

Not all of these skills come naturally to one individual, but a leadership development programme can be tailored to the specific needs of the chairman to ensure they are able to perform at the peak of their abilities. 

We have helped individuals through coaching, mentoring as well as development programmes. 
Contact us now to discuss your leadership requirements.

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