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Board Coaching

At BP&E Global we recognise that not everyone can be at their best without some external help through executive coaching.

We increasingly find that executive coaching is becoming a real bonus to Boards to address the development needs of individuals.

From newly promoted Chief Executives to individuals underperforming at senior levels for a whole range of business and personal reasons, executive coaching can be the best solution.

The Coaching process

  • We will discuss executive coaching requirements with the sponsor who can be from HR or the executive and sometimes their Director, the Board, or chairman
  • We will match our coach to your needs
  • The subject makes contact with the potential coach whether that's the person they want to work with
  • At a first meeting the coach will agree with the subject their goals and an operational model that best works for them covering frequency of meetings, face to face or by telephone, and the mix of learning, practice and review that works for them.
  • Each session will generally include an agreed assignment to be undertaken before the next session
  • Coaching will be on-going – normally monthly, but can be fortnightly or any basis agreed between the subject and the coach
  • Our programs are normally for an initial 6 month period, with meetings held monthly and interim telephone contact but we are very flexible and guided by the needs of our clients
We provide professional executive coaching for board directors and senior executives to develop their overall effectiveness, professional and personal development, management performance, self-confidence, leadership, relationships, decision-making and goal setting. It is flexible and highly tailored to your individual needs.


The role of the coach is not to provide advice on the direction that needs to be taken, but to ask the right questions, to help subjects see the direction and then take them there. As opposed to training, executive coaching is personal and the process should allow for the freedom to work with the “whole individual” so you can become a more effective person – both at work and in your private life.

A key characteristic of a successful coaching relationship is the chemistry between the coach and individual. The relationship can be very personal and it is important there is a connection that works, as well as mutual respect, understanding, and confidentiality. These special working partnerships often last for many years.

We will do the work of selecting a range of coaches who have the experience you need. Each of the individuals we put forward has appropriate professional qualifications and a track record of success.

Our Coaches are screened based on the following criteria: 
  • Their mix of business and professional qualifications
  • Their understanding of the business environment
  • Their breadth and depth in their coaching experience who have coached individuals and teams in different situations.
  • A past history of successful coaching relationships

If you are thinking of executive coaching to develop individual performance discuss your needs with us.

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