Effective Audit and Risk Committee

Date: Wednesday, 11 November 2020 from 09:30AM to 12:30PM
Location: Delivered as a webinar
Event Code: EARC111120
Fee: £295.00 +VAT per person = £354.00 total

“The role of a Board sub-committee is to support the Board. The committees are accountable to the Board, but should not relieve the Board of any of its responsibilities.”
-       PRA Supervisory Statement 5/16

The specific and stretching expectations of Audit and Risk Committees can be incredibly challenging for the Directors involved.  Whether your firm operates these Committees on a stand-alone or combined basis, there are many common issues to consider. These often include the degree to which the committee can challenge the information presented, evidencing their effectiveness and knowing how they should interface with compliance, risk management and internal and external auditors. 

Our team has a thoroughly developed knowledge of Audit and Risk Committees and run this unique briefing to assist committees in the financial services sector.

Key Benefits include:

  • Recognise the key roles of the Risk and Audit Committees
  • Understand when it might be better to have a combined or separate Audit and Risk Committees
  • Consider whether you receive the right information to allow you to discharge the responsibilities effectively and provide the right balance between challenge and assurance
  • Know how the Audit and Risk Committees should interface with Compliance, risk management, internal audit and external auditors
  • Take away practical ideas for improving effectiveness
  • Consider what challenges you may receive from a regulatory review and how to address these beforehand 


1. The Role of the Audit and Risk Committees in Financial Services Companies

  • The expectations of Audit and Risk Committees
  • What the oversight role involves – what SYSC says and what the FRC think
  • What regulators now expect and what they focus upon

2The Relationship between Audit and Risk Committees

  • Pro’s and con’s of separate Committees
  • Separating responsibilities
  • Maintaining relationships between separate Risk and Audit Committees

3.  Audit and Risk Committee specific requirements 

  • The role and duties of the Audit Committee
  • The role and duties of the Risk Committee

4. Moving from Compliance to Effectiveness

  • The constituency of the Audit and Risk Committees and their attendees
  • Regaining control of the agenda
  • Communication to and from the main Board
  • Specifying and obtaining the right Management Information
  • Top tips for Audit and Risk Committee effectiveness

5. Key current issues for Audit and Risk Committees in Financial Services Firms 

Who Should Attend: 

This is an essential event for those who are members of the Audit and/or Risk Committees or responsible for reporting to them.


The Effective Risk Committee - Excellent, thank you. Eithne has a very credible background and speaks with clarity and authority
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