Moving from an Executive to a Non-Executive role


When taking up a new appointment as a Non-Executive Director at an insurance company, a former CEO was very aware that:  

  • He was finding it difficult to detach from the business of implementation to a strategic perspective
  • He did not feel he had enough depth of knowledge of strategy development or risk management to oversee these issues to his satisfaction


After an initial meeting to understand his concerns BP&E Global proposed that we provide an executive coach who could work with this individual to:

  • Set out some clear goals that he wished to meet
  • Plan initiatives that would enable the theory of these topics to be put into practice

During our initial investigations, we also identified an absence of an induction into the role which meant background to the operation of the business and understanding of past performance and current concerns was unknown. To address this, before starting the formal coaching, our experienced specialist consultant made the decision to design and undertake an induction programme that would be suitable for any new Director.

This programme was constructed with the Executive team and included:

  • Provision of 2 years’ board minutes
  • The last 2 Board packs
  • Terms of reference for the Board and Committees
  • Meetings with each Executive and Non-Executive Directors, the head of Audit and Head of Compliance
  • Formal briefings providing refreshers on the responsibilities of Directors and the latest regulatory priorities for the business

Monthly coaching meetings were then arranged. These meetings tackled the role of the Non-Executive by providing independent challenge in a constructive way combined with understanding of working with the Chairman and other Non-Executives to ensure that strategy and risk were properly overseen without overstepping the boundaries into Executive responsibilities.


After the induction programme and coaching concluded the new Non-Executive was comfortable with his role and the company went on to implement the induction process for all Directors.

 The two other Non-Executives have adopted the same techniques in terms of challenge and the Chair is of the view that whole Board has benefitted from this process and went on to recommend BP&E Global to a Non-Executive of another board he is involved with.

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