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Board Ready Leadership Programme

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The quality of the Board is reflected in the success of the business.  Changing the balance at board level is the key to transforming the effectiveness of boards throughout business, in addition to fulfilling regulatory requirements.  

The Senior Manager Regime requires that all senior people in positions of responsibility can evidence their competence. The pressures on individuals to be at the top of their game has increased exponentially.

We have designed this unique leadership development programme for executives whose next step is to board level or who are already there and wish to expand their experience and further develop their skills. It is designed specifically to address those areas that executives feel hold them back from being a board member or obtaining that elusive Non-Executive Director post in the new regulatory environment.

“The benefits of appointing younger directors are well known but many boards are concerned about appointing executives with no prior board experience – a recurring ‘catch 22!’ Also, in the turbulent economic climate of the last three years there has been some tendency to take a more cautious line by employing experienced directors. But this is changing,” European Governance Report.

This programme recognises diversity through range of knowledge and experience, gender, and psychological type that people at board level can bring to the table by offering a core programme with options to top up on board competency areas such as strategic management as well as on going executive coaching. 

The content of the programme is designed by a specialist in Board evaluations and Board member coaching. This unique programme is based on what's seen during evaluations and coaching in good Boards and Board members and what's found to be lacking in other Boards. 

The core programme comprises three elements in three parts. The programme provides the opportunity to meet leaders at evening sessions. The final day consolidates the learning and provides the springboard to put personal plans into action.

* Building Leadership Presence
* Leadership and Influence
* Delivering Strategic Leadership

Benefits to Firms

• Support top talent to compete effectively
• Demonstrate that commitment to diversity goes right to the top
• Create future role models for your business
• Finally shift the balance at board level and create new leaders

Benefits to Individuals

• Identify the value you bring to the board table
• Manage the transition from business unit head to board member and business leader
• Feel confident of your contribution to the wider business
• Understand the bias you may encounter and how to manage it
• Recognise the dynamics at work at board level
• Apply tools and techniques that make your selection inevitable
• Select the continuing support that suits you 

To find out more details on how to make the most of your future with this unique in-house board-ready programme contact us
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