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Market Briefing for NEDs

Independent Directors - up to speed and up to scratch on your sector? Industry training for Independent Directors

A new Non Executive will bring a mix of skills and knowledge to the Boardroom table. An essential element of their knowledge will be an up-to-date understanding of the market, current trends, new developments and regulatory pressures. But will they have sufficient depth or need extra industry training?

An understanding of the industry is a prerequisite, but an in-depth knowledge of the particular sector for an active Board member is difficult to achieve in house. Once a Board member you are accountable from day 1! There is no excuse for regulators of only being in post a short while.

Your induction programme will include meetings with senior management to ensure an understanding of the company's operations but a helicopter view of the market may be lacking.   We work with firms to provide individual training programmes for Non-Executive Directors, which firms rarely have the time to undertake themselves. Our consultants and trainers have the qualifications to train people to examination standard, when required.

An industry training briefing for a Non-Executive Director is designed specifically for their needs and takes into account the experience they bring. For example, a non- executive Director from Investment Banking joining a retail investment business will have a good grasp of the macro environment but is missing key elements of the retail sector market risks. Typically these briefings will cover:-

  • Current economic trends
  • Risk outlook and top areas of concern
  • Strategies of competitors
  • Legal and regulatory developments that will affect the business

We know our industry and provide many accredited qualification courses through the relevant institutes and can distil information suitable for director level learning and quick absorption.

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