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Senior Manager Interview Coaching

 Article- Succeeding in your FCA/PRA Senior Manager interview

  Our Senior Manager Coaches

We are fortunate to have a past Head of Admissions from the regulator as one of our Directors so the mock Interview will be realistic!

All of the coaches that support clients with this process meet the following criteria:

  • Understand regulation
  • Well infomed about the latest regulatory thinking
  • Experienced at coaching performance in this context
  • Understand your business sector
With the objective of tightening the "gateway" into the financial services market, regulators ask to see new Directors to assess for themselves their suitability. With the new Senior Managers Regime ‚Äčin force the threshold has never been set higher.

We support authorisation interviewees through a combination of a briefing which refreshes their knowledge of what the regulator expects of them, tests their understanding and competence for the role they are moving into through mock interviews and use coaching techniques to ensure the right style and content of response. The range of topics covered in the authorisation interview will include:

  • General responsibilities of an approved person
  • Checking understanding of the role they have been asked to perform
  • Knowledge, skills and experience that the candidate will bring to the role
  • The candidate’s view of the main risks facing the firm and the role they play in managing them
  • Information about the regulators' expectations of the individual in performing the role
  • Their motivation and capacity for the role

Each assignment is unique and we ensure that the types of questions are directly related to the role of the Senior Manager, the recruitment process undergone, the current concerns of the regulator in relation to the firm and its market.

The key to a "pass" in this context is knowing why the interview panel are asking a question and what it is that they are seeking in the response to reassure them that the applicant is suitable for the role.

This combination of briefing and mock interview will

  • Ensure that knowledge and understanding of the regulators concerns is up to date
  • Fill gaps in any essential knowledge of the role and your business that can arise
  • Allow practice of responses in a safe environment
  • Build confidence in providing responses
  • Ensure the best chance of acceptance of the application 

Who should attend

Ideal for people being appointed to new Senior Manager roles either for the first time or moving roles. This experience is of value whether called for interview or not as it ensures that knowledge and understanding of the regulators expectations is current.

If you would like more information or wish to discuss this service please call us on +44 (0) 20 7764 0721 or email

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