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Overcoming personal crises

According to Hans Selye in his book Stress in Health and Disease stress is: “... associated with a great variety of essentially dissimilar problems, such as surgical trauma, burns, emotional arousal, mental or physical effort, fatigue, pain, fear, the need for concentration, the humiliation of frustration, the loss of blood, intoxication with drugs or environmental pollutants, or even with the kind of unexpected success that requires an individual to reformulate his lifestyle.

Stress is present in the businessman under constant pressure; in the athlete straining to win a race; in the air traffic controller who bears continuous responsibility for hundreds of lives; in the husband helplessly watching his wife's slow, painful death from cancer; in a race horse, its jockey and the spectator who bets on them” ‘group think’ and ‘herd mentality’.

Crises affect us all at some time in our lives. We know from our experience of working with Boards and senior managers that personal crises driven from work or home issues can impact hugely on performance at work, and are rarely discussed. Often the individual concerned resigns, feeling unable to juggle competing priorities, thereby losing good people from the business.

Issues to consider

Employee well being is high on most business agendas but senior people are often left out of the loop. Help of this type is not a "one size fits all" solution and talking to someone who has the right experience and credibility to assist is essential. 

Senior people generally have a high profile in the business and positive assistance to recover from a crisis reflect on the company as a whole and is a great demonstration of a positive culture.

If key members of your senior management team are unable to work effectively or have a long term absence, issues such as the cost of replacements, recruitment, loss of corporate memory/knowledge, increased Private Medical Insurance premiums are all considerations. 

Help is available for individuals to overcome a crisis point and continue to live productive and fulfilled lives, when trying to balance the interests of family, ageing parents, their own health and crisis moments in life. David Festenstein provides individual executive coaching from a highly specialised and extraordinary perspective with a proven track record.

David can empathise with both the demands that business places on individuals in senior roles, having worked with large corporates and set up his own consultancy, and recovered from a major life crisis. This was when he gained signicant learning from having a stroke in 2008 that left him paralysed on his right side and unable to walk. David used his communication and coaching expertise to help himself deal with the event and subsequently to support and drive his recovery process. This led to the development of a unique coaching process.

Consider talking to us about support for a colleague or yourself if you feel that David would be of help.

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