Company Secretary

Often overlooked, the Company Secretary is a crucial element of an efficient Board. A strong Company Secretary will ensure appropriate flows of information and provide invaluable support to the Chair and Board. The Company Secretary provides support to:

  • The Chair
  • Independent Directors
  • Board Review or Evaluation (facilitation or support) 
  • Producing Board Packs (agendas, papers etc)
  • Supporting creation and maintenance of good governance
  • Board Committee support
  • Providing quality Minutes

Beyond process, a good Company Secretary has finely developed people skills including communication and influence, all essential to improving the performance of the Board and encouraging great boardroom behaviour.

For both Board Members and Company Secretaries we provide an invaluable briefing session on streamlining Board packs. We also support Company Secretaries to develop their skills beyond process through coaching. Click here to find out more about our upcoming courses.

 You can also or call +44 (0) 20 7764 0721 to discuss how we can support your Company Secretary.

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