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Questions for your Board

Does your structure work for the business or get in the way?

Are people crystal clear about the scope of their responsibilities?

Do people feel they are attending pointless Committee meetings?

Could the Board members state what matters fall to the Board to decide?

Do you have the right Committees to support the Board?

Are you certain that Board decisions are acted upon in every case?

Is there a balance of expertise on the Board sufficient to provide the necessary competence in all necessary areas?

Does everyone know the strategy and prioritise the implementation issues at the Board meetings? 


Boards, the people and the governance structures change constantly to adjust to changes in market conditions, ownership, new ventures and new people. The governance structures, range of competencies on the Board and how you delegate powers need to ​move with the firm to ensure that nothing slips through the net and the controls remain effective. 

We are frequently asked to help with a review of governance structures and a wide range of other topics that crop up as firms develop. We have assisted with:-

  • Creating governance maps
  • Updating "Board Control manuals"
  • Reviewing the mix of competencies amongst the Directors and Non-Executive Director
  • Acting as an independent member of recruitment panels
  • Auditing the relevance and comprehensiveness of control frameworks  

If you have not done so already you will need to create a "Governance Map" that shows clearly how power and responsibility is delegated in your business. "Firms will have to maintain a ‘Governance Map’ showing the responsibilities of senior managers, and lines of accountability, within the firm and any associated group." PRA August 2015

We help Boards to align their Governance structures with their business needs. We ensure that the structure is proportionate to the size and type of organisation and can cater for matrix management, new initiatives and changing business models. In our experience every assignment has its own challenges and no organisation is the same.

We work closely with the Chairman or Company Secretary to set out and agree a clear plan of action, communicate clearly and set clear goals  to meet to ensure you have the right structure and governance in place. 

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