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Improving Board Effectiveness

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 Questions for your Board

Is our Board the right size to work well? 

Are the right areas properly represented?

Is the debate open and well informed?

Does anyone dominate the meeting?

Is everyone up to speed on the topics discussed?

Are some people silent throughout?

Is our succession planning robust or just a tick box?

Do we invest in the development of the Board as a whole?

Anyone reading this who sits on a Board will know that the key to an effective Board is the people, the mix of experience, attitudes, knowledge, motivation and ability to work together.

To achieve the right balance and establish whether you have the right mix, number and representatives from the right areas can be tackled through a board evaluation. To ensure that you build and maintain the right mix at the board you need to:

  • Select the right people,
  • Make sure they are competent, and 
  • Have successors ready to take over whe  the time comes

Common problem areas that we find on Boards is that:

  • Directors are left to keep themselves up to date
  • The concept of working together as a cohesive team is not present
  • Debates can be dominated by one person 
  • Some people say nothing
  • There is a preponderance of representation from business generating areas
  • Succession planning is a tick box exercise

If you feel that you Board could work better together and that this would improve the overall performance of the company and individuals do contact us now...

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